The Time Ride

Throughout my life, I was regularly reminded to spend my time wisely. As if time accrued like money in a savings account, and we can disperse it as we see fit. In reality, time is continuously moving and is gone as quickly as it comes. It is out of our grasp. Time is simply the relative measurement of our planet orbiting our sun.

For me, time on earth is like being on a huge ride in an amusement park. Each day that I am fortunate to awaken, I am issued a ticket only good for the day. It is up to me to decide what I wish to do. Will I spend hours standing in the line for the newest ride? Or, maybe some games at the arcade? What about getting one of those yummy funnel cakes?

Regardless, I can be sure of one thing: I want to get the most out of my ticket.

So, “spending my time wisely” really means making room for the important things. The things that truly add value to one's life as well as the lives of others.

To get the most out of my daily ticket, I've identified the things that provide me fulfillment, the things that are aligned to my purpose. I also have a routine to provide ample opportunity for these important things to get done.

We never know how many tickets we will be issued on our time ride, so we ought to be thinking about how to make each one count.

Now you will have to excuse me. Although writing is one of my important activities, I still have plenty of opportunities with today's ticket.