Respect for People

Reflections on Pursuing Better for the Highest Good

Finding common ground requires curiosity. The curiosity to listen to people of differing backgrounds and viewpoints for understanding.

Solving a problem nearly always requires change. And the first step to change involves getting people to begin to think about it. For, once you have them thinking about it, you can gain momentum to move forward.


“Some things are within our power, while others are not. Within our power are opinion, motivation, desire, aversion, and, in a word, whatever is of our own doing; not within our power are our body, our property, reputation, office, and, in a word, whatever is not of our own doing.” ~ Epictetus

The dichotomy of control, represented by the quote above, is a critical component of Epictetean Philosophy and a turning point for me on my journey to the good life.

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