Respect for People

Reflections on Pursuing Better for the Highest Good

It is not my desire to follow the crowd or the 99 percent that are stuck accepting the status quo. I want to find the truth and keep moving forward. There is happiness in going your own way.

“If you want to improve, be content to be thought foolish and stupid. ~ Epictetus

When asked to share what I am thankful for, my thoughtful response is time. I am grateful for each additional day I have to spend with family, friends and doing the things that bring internal fulfillment and happiness rather than chasing fame, fortune, and materialistic trophies.


When one cannot fully live daily life due to illness and quarantine awaiting a precautionary Covid test, more profound respect is gained on the link between health and freedom. A transformation towards effective and affordable healthcare, including individual responsibility and systemic norms, benefits all.

It seems like my whole career has been one of working in a chasm. There are small gaps between workers and supervisors and larger gaps between the shop floor and the C suite. The common thread is the lack of trust fueled by a lack of humility to listen and define an effective and aligned direction towards a vision.


Many people lazily follow and regurgitate the rhetoric of whoever is in control, wants the power, or shouts the loudest. However, these narratives are most often automatic responses from the layers of nonfactual biases built up over a lifetime. Stay curious, and fact check what you hear or read. The love of truth makes for a happy life.

Igniting our often dormant curiosity is a big step towards creating common ground to pursue better for the good of all. Go ahead, flip the switch from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset. It’s a win-win!

“Be curious, not judgmental. ~ Walt Whitman

I am practicing being mindful of how what I say influences those in my circle. I’m not always successful, but progressing towards a good habit.

“First learn the meaning of what you say, and then speak. ~ Epictetus

Although we can only control ourselves, we must understand how our actions impact nature, including humanity. Through our unique human nature to reason, our decisions, therefore, must better ourselves and society.

After millions of dollars spent, thousands of television ads, countless tweets, debates, arguments, and millions of ballots cast, there will eventually be election winners declared once all the votes are counted, and the litigation dust settles. But do “We the People” win? Have we moved forward in our collective pursuit of better? The answer depends on how one frames it.

My “Back Pocket Plan”:

  1. Live in alignment with nature.
  2. Overcome personal biases contributing to inequality.
  3. Help others do the same.

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