No Regrets

Metaphorically, I just completed the last chapter in the second installment of my life, the working years. But before I closed the cover to place it on the shelf next to book one, I paused to reflect on my forty-three-year career and answer the question, what are the key lessons needed to write the last installment of my trilogy?

Looking back, it is easy to see my many mistakes and successes. Both results came from a learn-by-doing approach born from a curiosity to seek the facts and uncover truths through years of practice to develop a habitual scientific thinking routine. Curiosity became my growth catalyst, authors my mentors, and scientific thinking my means to improve.

This seeking of the truth, or wisdom, eventually led me to overcome my destructive tendency to try to control what I could not. Destructive in terms of the happiness of others and myself. Upon discovering Stoic Philosophy, I became comfortable accepting a foundational truth – I only had control of my own thoughts and actions. The final results, although preferred to be on target, are out of my control.

So, after briefly looking back on book two, I have no regrets and would not change a thing. Through the journey, the learning process made me who I am today, a person with the curiosity and purpose to pursue an ever-improving character for the good of all. I am happy with who I am.

Now I can close this book, put it up on the shelf and begin the first chapter of the next with confidence it can be the trilogy's best. Knowing I will not write the final entry but will work to inspire loved ones to pen – “the content of his character far outweighed his remaining vices.”