When asked what stands out over my forty-plus years as a leader, problem-solver, and continuous improvement practitioner, resume building business results are not the first that comes to mind. What rises to the top is the wisdom gained that developing a deep respect for people is the core to achieving better. And from this core, an understanding that any pursuit of better, especially the betterment of society, begins with self.

For me, respect for people requires seeing each individual as equal, capable of pursuing and achieving a better self through learning. Casting away initial impressions and judgments by having the curiosity to dig below the surface to understand and uncover truths. And sharing the wisdom gained from our journey to support people in their pursuit without restricting their growth.

So, my reason for getting out of bed each day is to pursue better for the highest good. Through this blog, I wish to share my thoughts and experiences from my journey – past, present, and future.

I'll let you be the judge as to whether it can be considered worthy advice.

Kindest regards, Mike Jones